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If you purchased LoJack before May 2021, you are probably using the Classic LoJack System with Stolen Vehicle Recovery only. If you purchased LoJack after May 2021, you are probably using the New LoJack with Stolen Vehicle Recovery service + Connected Car features. For the fastest help, please use the correct contacts for your product.

New LoJack

(Stolen Vehicle Recovery + Connected Car features. Typically purchased after May 2021)

LoJack is committed to providing the highest level of customer support. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us using the information below:

Customer Support:
1-877-563-0032, Option 2

Dealer Support:
1-877-563-0032, Option 1

Stolen Vehicle Recovery
1-877-563-0032, Option 2

If your vehicle has been stolen, then please use the Stolen Vehicle Recovery button on your LoJack consumer app. First, contact your local law enforcement agency to file a stolen vehicle report. Then call the LoJack recovery hotline who will work with law enforcement. For more details, please read what to do if your vehicle has been stolen.

Classic LoJack Support

(Stolen Vehicle Recovery only. Typically purchased before May 2021)

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